Sort of like Holly Golightly

Kent State shooting victim Allison Krause (near center) along with my mother at age sixteen (second from right) attending a war protest. 

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I stopped shopping at Urban Outfitters years ago due to some of their poorly thought through and distasteful merchandise, but selling a Kent State hoodie with faux blood splatter…really?  That’s just disgusting.

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Back home again.
New York Fashion Week is over and I’m kind of bored with next spring’s clothes already.  
I hung out with Kevin which was weird because it had been so long.  He tried to kiss me which was also weird, and then expressed regret for not having done things differently in the past.

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Anonymous: Why do Jewish girls love anal sex so much?


Anonymous: Out of curiosity, how do you know these anons never met you?

I don’t.  I thought the string of angry anon messages were coming from a certain person until I read the last two.  

Anonymous: That anonymous is an ass don't pay attention to them. And if your pictures where photoshopped how do they explain you looking the same as you do in your gif?

I don’t know.  I guess some people have nothing better to do then send (repeated) angry/rude messages to someone they’ve never met.

Anonymous: You are a superstar!! Pay no attention to the naysayers!!

Haha thank you <3

Literally just got home.  Started off an awesome weekend seeing Lady Gaga perform at a party on Friday.

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Anonymous: Quit acting like a whiny little bitch if you can't handle the hate. Start showing some skin or STFU. Anyone can whine all day long, it ain't cute and it ain't entertaining, it's boring, ugly and annoying. I'm beginning to think you are photoshopped for your lack of output and new photo posts. The worst kind of tease.


I have other things to do besides take and post selfies everyday.  I don’t own photoshop or have the patience to learn how to use it, and anyway most of the pictures I post are from my iphone or webcam.  If you don’t like my tumblr then don’t look at it and stop sending me these angry/creepy messages.  My posts aren’t meant to cater to you.

RIP Miss Joan

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themuprdman: You are gonna be ok! I've been used and betrayed too. Trim the fat. Life is better without it.

Well, I suppose I should be used to it at this point

Anonymous: You are so beautiful darling <3

Thank you xoxo

The bright side of all this feeling betrayed/stressed/etc is that I can’t eat so I’m finally losing all the weight I had been trying to.

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