Sort of like Holly Golightly

If you were just exposed to Ebola wouldn’t it seem really logical to not get on a plane until after you were sure there was no way you could have contracted it instead of possibly spreading the disease to hundreds of other people?  It’s even worse that she knew before even getting on her return flight she had a fever of 99.5.  Like lady, you’re a damn nurse, please use common sense.

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Sad I’m going to be missing out on lingerie fashion week this year.  I need to lose 5lbs and get myself back into shape though.  

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Anonymous: did you have a nose job? just wondering. i want to get mine done.. does it hurt? is it scary?

No, but I really really want one. 

Anonymous: Get active! More photos! That last one is impressively beautiful. Perhaps it's the angles, lighting, makeup or some other tricks, but it leaves me wanting more!

Kind of a backhanded compliment…

oikoumenagerie: Well well well, you have an absolutely amazing face. Aesthetically speaking. I hope that's not a too awkward compliment.

Thank you.  It’s not awkward, always a nice thing to hear.

Anonymous: I had a dream about you tonight your were only wearing loubotons with thigh high garters. You looked amazing but you wouldn't let me please myself

Which Louboutins was I wearing?

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I’ve been really inactive on here lately

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paler than you

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Anonymous: I dream about you a lot. I don't know what it means. Do you ever dream in black and white?

That’s interesting.
I mostly dream in color.  The other night I had a dream where the song Highwayman was playing over and over and eventually the dream was just the song playing out.

Kent State shooting victim Allison Krause (near center) along with my mother at age sixteen (second from right) attending a war protest. 

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I stopped shopping at Urban Outfitters years ago due to some of their poorly thought through and distasteful merchandise, but selling a Kent State hoodie with faux blood splatter…really?  That’s just disgusting.

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